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5, Juzhnaya Street, building 30, Novocheboksarsk, Chuvash Republic, Russia, 429960
  • in the production of mineral fertilizers;
  • as an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries;
  • for production of various mineral acids and salts;
  • in the manufacture of fibers, dyes, explosives and smoke-forming substances;
  • in oil, metal, textile and other kinds of industries.




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Improved Technical
1 grade 2 grade
Monohydrate content (H2SO4), % 92,5-94,0 not less than 92,5 not less than 92,5
Ferrum contents (Fe), %, not more than 0,006 0,02 0,1
Contents of residue in ignition, %, not more than 0,02 0,05 not standardized
Nitrogen oxides contents (N2O3), %, not more than 0,00005 not standardized not standardized
Arsenium contents (As), %, not more than 0,00008 not standardized not standardized
Chloride contents (Cl), %, not more than 0,0001 not standardized not standardized
Transparency Transparent without dilution not standardized not standardized
Color, cm3 comparison solution, not more than 1 6 not standardized


Delivered by railway vehicles in sulphuric acid storage tanks..

Guaranteed storage life: 1 month starting the day of production.

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