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• it is applied in chemical industry for obtainment of chloroorganic and inorganic compounds. (vinyl chloride, chloroform, methylene chloride, hydrochloric acid, propylene oxide) and for bleaching agents production;
• it is applied in paper and pulp industry for wood and paper pulp bleaching;
• it is applied in textile industry for fabric bleaching;
• it is used for drinking-water chlorination.


GOST 6718-93

Empirical formula: Cl₂

Toxicological substance hazard category: II

National product classification code: 24 1431

FEACN Code: 2801 10 000 0

№ UN: 1017

№ Cas: 7782-50-5


Liquid chlorine technical specifications
Indicators Superior grade
1. Physical configuration Amber fluid
2. Chlorine mass content, %, max: 0,01
3. Water mass content, %, max: 0,01
4. Nitrogen trichloride mass content, %, max: 0,002
5. Fixed residue mass content, %, max: 0,015


Storage conditions: fluid chlorine is stored is special-purpose containers and cylinders according to the Safety instructions on production, storage and transportation of chlorine ПБХ-85. Containers and cylinders containing chlorine can not be stored close to organic substances, powders, metals, flammable fluids and gases.

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months.

Certification: fluid chlorine was given the sanitary and epidemiological inspection report. The product is registered in the potentially hazardous chemical and biological substances register of Russia.

Package: special-purpose 50 ton rail tank cars for chlorine and special-purpose containers up to 800 liters which correspond to the requirements on construction and operation of containers operated under pressure, approved by Russian State Technical Authority.

Transportation: railroad, automobile and water transport.

Warning sign drawing number according to GOST 194433-88: 2,6a,5,8.

Classification Code according to GOST 194433-88 2243

Substance amount (gross amount) for a transportation unit not subjected to some of the requirements of ADR, kg 50

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