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• it is applied for drinking water treatment and swimming pool water cleaning; it is also applied for bleaching.

Technical Specifications 2147-405-05763441-2003 rev. 1

Empirical formula: NaClO

National product classification code: 21 4713

№ UN: 1791

№ Cas: 7681-52-9


Sodium hypochlorite technical specifications:
1. Physical configuration Light-yellow to green-yellow fluid
2. Light transmission rate, %, min: 50
3. Available chlorine mass concentration, g/dm3, min 170
4. Alkalies mass concentration in terms of the equivalent amount of NaOH, g/dm3 20-30
5. Ferrum mass concentration, g/dm3 0,02


Note: Available chlorine 30% loss within 10 days after the day of shipping is accessible. Color change to maroon is also accessible. Pentahydrate sodium hypochlorite crystal haze is possible.

Storage conditions: sodium hypochlorite is stored in closed unheated storage premises in rubberized containers resistant to corrosion protected from sunlight influence.

Guaranteed storage life: 1 month.

Certification: sodium hypochlorite was given the sanitary and epidemiological inspection report. The product is registered in the potentially hazardous chemical and biological substances register of Russia.

Package: steel rail tank cars, containers, fuel cans, barrels.

Transportation: railroad and automobile transport.

Warning sign drawing number according to GOST 194433-88: 8.

Classification Code according to GOST 194433-88 8283

Substance amount (gross amount) for a transportation unit not subjected to some of the requirements of ADR, kg 500

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