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• the substance is applied in chemical, forest and wood processing industries, oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry;
• it is used in refrigeration engineering;
• in construction industry and building materials production;
• it is applied in nonferrous metals industry for construction and maintenance of roads. It is also used as a dehydrating agent.



GOST 450-77 rev. 1 - 3

Synonyms: calcium chloride

Empirical formula: CaCl₂

Toxicological substance hazard category: III

National product classification code: 21 5221

№ Cas: 10043-52-4


Technical calcium chloride technical specifications:
1. Physical configuration Yellow-grey or green fluid transparent or with a small amount of feculency
2. Potassium chloride mass content, %, min: 35
3. Magnesium mass content in terms of the equivalent amount of MgCI₂, %, max: not defined
4. Other chlorides mass content including MgCI₂, in terms of the equivalent amount of NaCI, %, max: 3
5. Ferrum mass content, (Fe), %, max: not defined
6. Mass content of residue not soluble in water, %, max: 0,15
7. Sulfates mass content in terms of the equivalent amount of sulfate-ion, %, max: not defined


Storage conditions: calcium chloride is stored in closed storage premises which are not subjected to moisture attacks.

Guaranteed storage life: 8 months.

Certification: calcium chloride was given the sanitary and epidemiological inspection report. The product is registered in the potentially hazardous chemical and biological substances register of Russia and it is certified by the Voluntary Certification System of Fuel & Energy Complexes (voluntary certification).

Package: steel rail tank cars, steel barrels, truck tanks, consumer containers.

Transportation: all transportation means.

Classification Code according to GOST 194433-88 the substance is not classified as hazardous cargo.

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