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• in the processes of organic synthesis, in the purification of petroleum products, in the textile industry during the production viscose silk, and during the bleaching of fabrics, in the paper industry and paint industry, in the soap industry, in the production of aluminum and sodium metal, soluble glass, alkaline batteries, Trilon B.

brand ТР (solid mercury) - flake white mass, highly hygroscopic, readily soluble in water and alcohol.


Technical specifications
Name Brand TP*
Sodium hydroxide contents, %, not less than 98,5
Sodium carbonate contents, %, not more than 0,8
Sodium chloride contents, %, not more than 0,05
Ferrum contents Fe2О3, %, not more than 0,004
Sodium chlorate contents, %, not more than 0,01
Sum of weight fractions of heavy metals precipitated by H2S equal to Pb, %, not more than 0,01
Mercury contents, %, not more than 0,0005


Note: Brandа ТР - polymer bags 25/50kg.
Product is rated class II of hazard.

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months.

Certification: The production has sanitary and epidemiologic certificates, certificates of conformity and certificates for use in the technological processes of extraction and transportation of oil.

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