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• in oil industry for acid treatment of wells in order to improve the reservoir connectivity (for expansion and clearing of pores and cavities, elimination of the carbonate reservoir flow coefficient: dolomite and limestone or polluted with carbonate deposits);
• for chemical cleaning of boilers and equipment from inorganic deposits;
• for etching of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and products.


Technical Specifications 2458-264-05765670-99 rev. 1

A mixture of hydrochloric acid from chlorine and organophosphorus productions exhaust gases and corrosion inhibitor type СНПХ-6500 or other inhibitors of acid corrosion.

Synonyms: hydrochloric acid.

Empirical formula: HCl

Toxicological substance hazard category: III

National product classification code: 24 5813

FEACN Code: 2806100000 0

№ UN: 1789


Technical specifications of inhibitated chlorohydric acid
  Grade А Grade B
Physical configuration
Dark liquid of different shades
1. Chlorine hydride contents, % 22 - 25 20 - 25
2. Acetic acid contents, % --- 0,9 - 11
3. Ferrum contents, %, not more than 0,003 0,03
4. Corrosion rate of steel Cт3, g/m² hr, not more than 0,20 0,20


* This index is standardized only if corrosion inhibitor type СНПХ-6500 presents, in that case feculence may present with a mass fraction of 0.2%

Storage conditions: inhibitated chlorohydric acid is stored in hermetic steel containers. If packed in barrels, it is stored in storage premises or under tent.

Guaranteed storage life: 2 months in steel container, then an inhibitor should be added, the amount of which is indicated in the manufacturers data sheet.

Certification:: inhibitated chlorohydric acid has a sanitary and epidemiological certification.

Package: special rail tank cars, rubberized consumer tanks with a throat diameter not less than 200 mm, containers, polymer barrels, special rubberized consumer tanks with a throat diameter not less than 200 mm, consumer packaging.

Transportation: by railway or automobile vehicles.

Danger sign number according to GOST 194433-88: 8

Classification code of dangerous freight according to GOST 194433-88 8113

Amount of substance (gross) per transport unit that shall be exempt from certain requirements of ADR, kg: 500

Packing group 3

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