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• ethyl silicate is applied in foundry engineering as a bonding material for ceramic molds production;
• ethyl silicate is applied as binding component for heat-proof, chemically stable and weather-resistant finishes. It is also used to obtain a firm solid heat-proof and corrosion-resistant material which cannot be dissolved in water after alkaline hydrolysis and baking;
• it is applied for wood impregnation, making wood resistant to bacteria influence;
• it is applied as a ad additive to solid polymers improving water-resistance and adhesion to glass, metal and wood.

Complex mixture containing tetraethoxysilane and oligoethoxysiloxanes.

Technical Specifications У 24.1-00203625-100-2003

Empirical formula: SimOm-1(OC₂H₅)2m+2, m=4-7
Toxicological substance hazard category: III

National product classification code: 24 3574

Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity Code: 3824 10 000 0

No. UN: 1993

Ethyl silicate -32 is a transparent or opalescent fluid with faint scent of tetraethoxysilane (ether) hydrolyzing in water.

Ethyl silicate -32 technical specifications
Designation Value
1. Optical density at the wave length no more than: 1
• 400 Nm 2,5
• 670 Nm 0,4
2. Silicic acid anhydride mass content, % 31-34
3. Tetraethoxysilane mass content, %, min 50
4. Density at 20ºС, g/cm³ 0,955-0,990
5. Chlorine hydride mass content, %, no more than 0,1
6. Ethyl hydroxide mass content, %, no more than 1,5


Note: first grade products may contain a small amount of mechanical impurities.

Storage conditions: ethyl silicate -32 must be stored in storage premises.

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months.

Package: rail tank cars, containers, steel barrels.

Transportation: by railway or automobile transport.

Warning sign drawing number according to GOST 194433-88: 3

Classification code of dangerous freight по GOST 194433-88: 3313 - type А, when transported by railway transport: 3013 – type А.

Packing group: 3

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