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• for the treatment of windings of electric machines and apparatus, dry transformers with heat resistance insulation class "Н"
• for the treatment of windings of electric machines and apparatus of tropical and marine models;
• for repair of lifting magnets, in production of coils of electromagnetic separators, as well as for repair and modernization of electrical machines.


Chemical composition: ЛLacquer КО-916К is a solution of polyether-modified organopolysiloxane resin, in xylene

Technical conditions ТУ У 24.3-00203625-093-2002 rev. 2

Technical specifications
Name Standard
Lacquer Physical configuration Homogenous transparent solution without mechanical inclusions. Slight opalescence is possible
Optical density, not more than 1,0
Contents of dry substance,% 64-68
Relative viscosity according to viscometer type with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm, s 45-65
Coating degree 3 drying time at temperature of (200±5)°С, min, not more than 15
Coating cementing capacity at (20±5)°С, N (kgf), not less than 294 (30)
Coating thermo elasticity at temperature (200±5)°С, hr, not less than 50
Coating volume electrical resistivity , Ω*m, not less than
R, М (15-35°C) 45-75% 1.0*1013
R, М (200°C) < 20% 1.6*1010
М (15-35°C) 45-75% 1.5*1012
Coating dielectric strength, MV/m, not less than
R, М (15-35°C) 45-75% 75
R, М (200°C) < 20% 50
М (15-35°C) 45-75% 50


Storage conditions: in closed storage premises in hermetic containers at temperature from minus 200°C to plus 400°C.

Guaranteed storage life: 6 months.

Package: steel barrels.

Classification code of dangerous freight: 3.2.

No. UN: 1263

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