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Chemical formula: C 9H18CI3O4P

CAS No.: 13674-84-5

Country of origin: China





  • as flame retardant and plasticizer in polymer materials production;
  • as flame retardant in production of fire-resistant laminated decorative plates;
  • as plasticizer in production of artificial PVC-based leather;
  • in nitrocellulose-based compositions for the production of linoleum;
  • in production of decorative covers from acetylic plastics;
  • in production of glues with high water resistance;
  • in production of laminated glass.
Technical specifications
Name Standard
Physical configuration Colorless or light-yellow transparent liquid
Acidity (mgKOH/g), % 0.05 max
Refraction index (25°C) 1.4600±0.02
Water contents, % 0.05 max
Flash point, °C 210 min
Colority (Pt-Co) 50 max
Viscosity (mPa●s, 25ºС) 65.0-70.0
Density (d20 С4) 1.2900±0.02
Phosphorous content (%) 9.0-9.8
Chlorine content (%) 31.9-32.9


Tara: metal barrels, 216 liters each (250 kg net weight).

Guaranteed storage life: 6 months.

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